jakiro-rda red-dragon 100% cotton coil-jig
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Welcome to our company!

Zhuhai Youde Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Youde Technology Co., Ltd is the branch of Zhuhai National Resources&Jingjie Group which was founded in 1995, mainly dedicated to developing and manufacturing the professional E-Cigarette, disposable E-cigarettes, atomizers cartomizers ect. Existing plant area of 45,000 square meters, is a well-established manufacturer in producing professional E-Cigarette. UD is a Registered Trademark of Youde Technology Co., Ltd. At UD, we relentlessly strive to bring excellence in engineering and innovation to the market. We offer a complete range of Rebuildable Atomizers and high-performance MODs to the mainstream, and have proven to be the sound choice by even the most hardcore enthusiasts in the Vape Community around the globe. Our critically acclaimed products are highly reputable in Europe, North and Latin America, Southeast Asia and among other countries. Every UD branded products have been approved by CE & RoHS certifications to ensure the highest of grade in quality.

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