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Staggered fuse clapton coil—SS 316L—0.15Ω


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Model NO. Material AWG Package
Staggered fuse clapton coil(FR15025) SS 316L [26GA+32GA*2+Ribbon)*ID2.5*0.2Ω 10 pcs/box
Staggered fuse clapton coil(FR15325) SS 316L [26GA+Ribbon]*2+32GA*ID2.5*0.15Ω 10 pcs/box
Twisted fuse clapton coil(FR15125) SS 316L [26GA*2]*2+Ribbon*ID2.5*0.1Ω 10 pcs/box
Alien coil(FR15506) KA1 [26GA*3+32GA]*ID2.5*0.15Ω 10 pcs/box
Staple staggered fuse clapton coil(FR15506) KA1 [24GA+32GA]*2+Ribbon*2+34GA*ID2.5*0.2Ω 10 pcs/box
Notch coil SS 316L φ3.2mm(inner diameter) * 7mm 10 pcs/box

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