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BRC18650 battery

 e-cigarette battery Suitable for UDT-S tube 3000mAh battery capacity fast delivery

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Model No.:BRC18650 e cigarette battery
Colors of the battery:Red

Battery voltage: 3.7V
3000mAh battery capacity.

Charge Time: 4-5h.
Battery Life: can charge more than 300 times.
The battery suitalbe for UDT/UDT-L/UDT-V6  e cigarette

1.Portable,convenient,no flammable,you can smoke anywhere any time
2.No tar and other carcinogeric substance
3.No ignition and no fire buming danger
4.can smoke in public place
5.Enable smoker painless to quit smoke
6.Save 80% smoking cost each year
7.Harmless to others and the enviroment

 We are a professional e-cigarette manufacture, with a strong R&D tearm, successfully developed high-performance innovative MOD UDT series ecig. we can also provide OEM seevice according to client's rquirements, welcome friends come to discuss business and give directions.

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