Why Do You Want to Be A Vaper

Author: udPublish Date: Oct 8, 2018Page Views: 101

Why do you want to be a vaper ?

It is undeniable that many vapers take vaping as a substitution for tobacco smoking. Less harms and its assistance in quitting smoking are the values for those vapers.  But should we pay more attention to those groups of vapers that do not switch from tobacco smoking ?



These group of vapers use e-cigarettes as a symbol of fashion or subculture. At this point, vaping  really has nothing to do with quiting smoking . These vapers are forming their own vaping culture.Their active vaping community can be found on many social media platforms. A practical store, a live broadcast room, and a vaping competition can become the media of this niche circle.


Small groups that seem to be. But they are creating a new culture in the industry which leads electronic cigarette to be more than a substitution for tobacco smoking.


What about you ? Why do you choose to be a vaper ?