The Trend of Pod System Device

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The Trend of Pod System Device

                At the very beginning, electronic cigarette was invented to be the substitution for traditional tobacco products. As time goes by, e-cigarette has been evolving to different types. Now, e-cigarette is not only the substitution for tobacco cigarette but also a fashion trend since all kinds of DIY or high power devices have been in market . These changes have brought excellent experience to those who switched from tobacco smoking. Due to this, pod system devices which is similar to electronic cigarettes of prototype began avail at the end of 2017.


                   Although big cloud producing devices have been widely promoted , the mission of substitute for tobacco products hasn’t been changed. In mid-2017, a new batch of pod system devices began to emerge in the world. They are aimed at replacing cigarettes or help smokers switch to vaping.


 Does pod system electronic cigarette help to quit smoking effectively ?

            The emergence of pod system electronic cigarette products is a new way of replacing tobacco cigarettes. For example, the original products is loyal to this goal in the design, though it failed to reach the goal.

           We all know that cigarette addiction is caused by nicotine. Besides nicotine, peoples’ psychological dependence on smoking behavior is the other big factor. That is to say, the use of nicotine patches  is not as effective as “smoking” . The concept of designing pod system device is to simulate the move of “smoking”. Users don't have to change their moves of “smoking” and have a chance to replace or quit tobacco smoking.


               In terms of experience, the various characteristics of pod system e-cigarettes bring convenience to vapers. First of all, pod system e-cigarettes are easy to carry with generally about 10CM in length, which can be placed into the pockets or hangbags. In addition, pod system e-cigarettes can be used for the whole day or even longer without recharging . Besides, zero button control is the other advantage of this type.

           In terms of taste, pod system devices offer tanks or pods with dozens of flavors such as fruit, cool, tobacco and so on. In particular, the emerging of nicotine salt juice makes pod system devices bring tastes that is similar to tobacco-smoking . In addition,  the smell of is more like aroma. At the same time , the cost of buying pods or tanks is approximately equal to tobacco cigarette.

          With a series of upgrades and optimizations of pod system products, the vaping experience that they bring is better than ever before. What surprises that pod system device can bring us ?