A Campaign to Make E-Cigarette Containing Nicotine Legal in Australia

Author: udPublish Date: Aug 22, 2018Page Views: 158

Selling or Using electronic cigarette devices is legal in Australia, but it is illegal to sell and own electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. Recently, the Australian Taxpayers Alliance organized a campaign to make e-cigarettes legal in Australia. The league chose the member of Liberal Democratic Party Aaron Stonehouse as its spokeman.

The campaign is looking for a signature of 50,000 supporters to support the legalization of e-cigarettes.  Stonehouse plans to present a signed petition to Parliament by the end of 2018.


E-cigarette Containing E-cigarette Law

Stonehouse said that it is almost legal to sell nicotine-containing e-cigarettes in developed countries. It is time for Australia to make some changes. Stonehouse believes that e-cigarettes are harmless and 95% healthier than traditional cigarettes. If traditional cigarette is legal, there is no reason why the e-cigarette is illegal because it is much healthier than traditional cigarette.

We do not encourage non-smokers to try e-cigarettes, but the law does prevent the smokers who actually need for cigarettes from transitioning from harmful products to harmless products, which is not good for their health.


According to surveys, recent opinion polls indicate that 69% of Perth and Fremantle voters expressed support for the legalization of e-cigarettes. Stonehouse said that the results of polls show that more and more Australian hope the government to allow e-cigarettes to be legalized, which is very encouraging for him.

At the same time, Stonehouse is pleased to be appointed as a spokesman for the e-cigarette legal campaign. In the following months, they will discuss their petitions with more people, even more leaders from major or minor party supporting the campaign, which help to have their voice heard.