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How Much DoYou Know Nicotine Salt Juice?

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Unlike the nicotine, which is commonly used in e-cigarettes, these salts are not only nicotine, but also compounds containing nicotine and other organic components. It may be combined with one or more chemicals in the tobacco, but the result is the same - forming a more stable molecule.


The nicotine form commonly used in e-cigarettes is called "free base" nicotine. This form of nicotine is not dependent on any other substance and is generally considered to be more desirable for vaping and other uses because it is easily volatilized (ie, readily evaporable)


How is nicotine salt made

Researchers have found that specific nicotine salts are actually more effective than free base nicotine. One of the key ingredients is benzoic acid, which is added to control the formation of specific nicotine salts in e-cigarettes. By considering the reaction occurring at the temperature of evaporation, E-juice containing a nicotine salt can be produced. When vaping, it still brings you plenty of nicotine. By adding benzoic acid, the PH of the nicotine salt e-juice is lowered for easily inhalation, but a chemical reaction occurs during the inhalation of vaping to maintain a high free base nicotine. This means you can easily inhale high nicotine juice. It will be a good way to meet the demand for nicotine in the process of quiting smoking .


Some people say that nicotine salt e-juice is just a marketing strategy, but in any case, it has been accepted by the market and recognized by consumers.


However, in the process of vaping, those cloud chasing devices , or low-resistance atomizer can not bring you a good nicotine experience. The study found that only low-power output devices can giving users a better experience with the characteristics of nicotine salt e-juice. In order to allow consumers to comfortably inhale higher levels of nicotine, electronic cigarette manufacturers began to produce low-power output device or pod system devices such as UD VIE Kit , and also produced special cartridges or tanks containing nicotine salt e-juice.



With the various smoking bans and health awareness in recent years, smoking substitution product has formed a big gap. Nicotine salt e-juice plays a very important role in this gap. Pod system devices which is designed for nicotine salt e-juice meet the demand of consumers looking for tobacco smoking substitution products