Are They the Same

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Are They the Same?

E-cigarette is also categorized as traditional smoking products in China. Therefore, although most cities in China have not yet made it clear that vaping is forbidden in public place , the “smokers” (vapers) who want to vape should also pay attention to whether it brings inconvenience to others.

The Beijing News reported that a woman recently vaped on the 10th Line, Beijing Metro. As aresult, several passengers and crew members dissuaded them. The woman retorted “E-cigarettes is not the same as traditional smoking products ”. The staff in charge of the Beijing Subway told the reporter that the present "Beijing Rail Transit Operation Safety Regulations" does not make any regulations on using electronic cigarettes on the train. However, using electronic cigarettes may bring inconvenience to other passengers. So it is not be encouraged to vape in the subway.

The woman's behavior is very irritating. But why did she even retort ? Because she considered vaping is not as same as smoking.

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In fact, using e-cigarette is also considered "smoking" in some countries and regions. In the early May 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a regulation to classify e-cigarette products as tobacco products. Experts also believe that e-cigarettes still contain nicotine and tar components. Although they are less in content, they are still harmful. The exhaled gases are as harmful as second-hand smoking. The World Health Organization believes that e-cigarette is harmful to public health. It is not a means of quitting smoking. It must be strengthened to control it and eliminate the harm of adolescents and non-smokers.

In China, although e-cigarettes are not generally classified as tobacco products, there is no explicit prohibition on public consumption.  Not long ago, the Air China CA106 flight incident, that is, because the co-pilot used electronic cigarettes to trigger a series of operations, causing the passengers on board to have a frightening experience, which caused an uproar.

Vaping is not the same as traditional tobacco smoking,  but vapers who want to vape should also pay attention to whether your behavior affects others.