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“To Vape Or Not To Vape?”


“To Vape Or Not To Vape?” 2017-02-14

For anyone who has battled an addiction such as smoking will tell you how difficult it is to stop without help.

By Cynthia Paula | November 15th, 2016

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year, or one of every five deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are several stop smoking aids that may or may not help with quitting. As an ex-smoker for 16 years, I’ve tried everything – from lozenges to Chantix to Nicorette gum. Nothing worked for me, and I am certainly not alone, as I hear this everyday.

I view vaping as the safest way to quit smoking successfully, without the side effects from other “quit-smoking” aids. A smoker’s addiction goes further then just the nicotine fix; there is the hand-to-mouth addiction as well as the exhaling addiction.

Vaping gives you the cessation of smoking by first delivering the nicotine, which is the active ingredient of tobacco. The nicotine in a vape is derived from tobacco leaves, which is a natural product.

The second cessation you get from vaping is the hand-to-mouth. There are lots of devices, and if you find the right one for you, then your chances of successfully quitting are greater.

And finally, the third cessation is exhaling vapor, which for most ex-smokers, is the most important. It feels like smoking without the burning throat, bad taste and the smell.

I am very happy with the choice I made, and I am now nicotine free. I hope to spread the word and help others to make the switch as I and many others have.