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       We is located on the pleasant and inspiring coast line of the South China Sea. As one of the industry leaders we focus on the development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes and other vape accessories. Youde technology houses complete production facilities, a highly skilled marketing team and a product development team that are on the cutting edge of electronic cigarette design. We are committed to creating electronic cigarettes of superior performance and great affordability.


      As one of the early electronic cigarette manufacturers, we offers a wide range of electronic cigarette devices to consumers such as Goblin atomizer, Apro 22, Pollux 25, which bring them excellent vape experience and won good reputations all over the world.


      In 2019, we continue to search and develop new electronic cigarette devices so as to bring better vape experience and better life style. We warmly welcome you to join our group. 

              For product wholesale inquiry, please send us an email : sales@yourcig.com

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